Senior Full-Service Moving

Full Service Senior Moving

At Adios moving we provide Full-Service Moves, our move coordinators specialize in Senior Citizen Moves and currently works with individual homeowners, retirement communities, and health care facilities throughout Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. Our Move coordinators are able to coordinate long distance moves. In the last year, we have worked with Senior Move Managers in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, to successfully coordinate client moves and ensure a smooth transition


Our Personal Move Coordinators do everything except packing the boxes and load the truck. Our Personal Move Coordinators, special commitment is to older adults, individuals with disabilities and their families, for whom the emotional stress and physical demands of moving can be especially burdensome. We know that moving entails so much more than just the physical work; it is about preserving memories, feelings and people and when you allow us to provide 100% support for you we will alleviate the stress and anxiety that would normally placed squarely on your shoulders.

We understand that relocating to a new home is an emotional and stressful time. There is so much to do and so many decisions to make: which possessions to keep; which to give to family, friends or charity; how to sell items you no longer need; how to pack and ship your belongings and how to unpack and organize your new home. There are decisions, calls, details, arrangements, and unanticipated problems to deal with. Most people feel overwhelmed, and rightly so.

Our Move Coordinators work with several estate buyers and auction houses. We can go over different options to sell any belongings you no longer wish to take with you. Our Senior Moving Coordinators at adios moving will take the stress out of moving. We provide peace of mind at an affordable price. With detailed planning and careful follow-through, your move will be smooth and successful.

When it’s time to move, don’t be overwhelmed, contact Adios Moving. Our caring and experienced staff will treat you like family!

Services offered you can pick and choose what you need help with and we can come up with a package of services specifically for you.


Pre-Move Preparation

  • We help you determine what to pack.
  • We work with you to sort through closets, attics and garages.
  • We help you dispose of unneeded items through sale, auction or charitable donation.
  • We can create a floor plan of your new residence to determine which pieces of furniture will fit.


  • We provide all packing material, boxes and bubble wrap.
  • Whether it is a $2.00 thirty-year-old wedding cake ornament or a cherished Heirloom, our experienced staff packs each item with care.


  • The Moving Coordinator oversees the mover on “Move Day”.
  • While the mover is loading the truck, we clean your old residence so it is ready for sale or moving in by the new owner.
  • We empty your refrigerator and freezer and transport your perishables to their new location.
  • We arrange for shipping your belongings to family members.
  • We arrange for shipment of your car.

Getting Your New Home Ready

  • We can help you decorate your new home.
  • We can shop for you for needed items.
  • Whether it is painting, new blinds, electrical or plumbing work, we can arrange and supervise it all.


  • We handle all the administrative tasks related to relocating.
  • We forward your mail and magazine subscriptions.
  • We notify the utility companies and make the required changes to service.
  • We cancel or change your newspaper subscription.

Getting Your Former Home Ready for Sale

  • We sort through your household items and furniture and empty the residence according to your wishes.
  • We clean, update and/or fix your home to get it ready for sale.
  • We refer to painters, electricians, contractors, professional cleaning services, real estate agents and attorneys who specialize in working with seniors.
  • We supervise and direct the work.

Unpacking & Organizing

  • We unpack every box and organize your entire residence.
  • Everything – furniture, personal items, clothes, dishes, linens and food – is put in its place.
  • We plug in the phones and set the clocks.
  • We set-up your computer system.
  • We even make the bed!
  • We dispose of all boxes and packing material.


We strive for gold stars, 2 thumbs up and raving reviews!


The Adios Movers were great guys. They showed up on time, were fast and careful... the best part is this is the first time I unpacked to find nothing damaged. I will use them again and refer them to anyone I hear needs a great moving company.

John Connor

Vice President

I have to be honest, I am not the easiest person to deal after having some terrible past moving experiences. I was anxious and overwhelmed but the movers with Adios handled my belongings and me with care. They even took my dog in the front seat with them- the pictures are great! I made some new friends that turned a potentially bad experience into something memorable and positive.

Susan Dutch

Marketing Manager

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