During an in-home estimate, a salesperson will visit your home and estimate the weight and size of all of your belongings that you will be moving. They’ll also discuss move details such as dates, packing services, etc., and address any questions you may have. At the end of the visit, your salesperson will draft a customized written estimate for your review.

Adios Moving is a full service moving company licensed in the state of Florida. Once you contact Adios Moving, you will receive an estimate from one of our service professionals. If necessary someone can come to your home to get a more accurate description of the job you will be hiring us for. The Dispatch or salesperson will go over rates for your move along with equipment, manpower and, estimated time for your job. Then you can schedule a day that works for you and we will take it from there.

Contact your point of contact in the company prior to moving if you need to add or subtract any items from your move plan. We can always make changes the day of the move however we want you to have a good understanding of what will take place prior to the start of the job. We can assist you with any changes or updates that need to be made, we pride ourselves in keeping the customer informed and guaranteeing that there are no surprises. Keep in mind your cost estimate may change as items in job description change.

You can pack yourself, we can pack some of your belongings or we can pack everything. Adios is here to personalize your move process and make this transition easier.

If you’re interested in our packing services, you can discuss options with your salesperson over the phone or during your in-home estimate. Your representative can go over all the options we have available to make you move cost effective and provide the level of service you desire. AdiosMoving offers different packing services to fit all types of moves and budgets.

Contact Adios as soon as you can if your move dates have changed. We can process any changes to your plan and discuss updates. Keep in mind that your estimate may change depending on the dates you selected. We will do everything we can to accommodate our clients with any unexpected situations.

The post office is a good place to start. An online Change of Address form is available on the United States Postal Service website. It’s also important to change your address with your banks, credit card companies, insurance providers and magazine subscriptions. We can help walk you through the steps to do this when you speak to a representative of our company.

You can certainly pack yourself, it is something we encourage both to save the customer money and ensure all belongings are secured and inventoried by the consumer. We will gladly provide packing tips for advice on how to pack dishes, clothes, shoes, and other items. we can also make available packing videos for tips on how to pack specific rooms in your home.

What am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?

Some items can’t be serviced by us on your move, such as firearms, ammunition, fireworks, flammables, cleaning fluids, matches, etc. We can provide you with a list of non-allowable items if there is any question about specific items consult earth911.com for recycling locations in your area.


We strive for gold stars, 2 thumbs up and raving reviews!


The Adios Movers were great guys. They showed up on time, were fast and careful... the best part is this is the first time I unpacked to find nothing damaged. I will use them again and refer them to anyone I hear needs a great moving company.

John Connor

Vice President

I have to be honest, I am not the easiest person to deal after having some terrible past moving experiences. I was anxious and overwhelmed but the movers with Adios handled my belongings and me with care. They even took my dog in the front seat with them- the pictures are great! I made some new friends that turned a potentially bad experience into something memorable and positive.

Susan Dutch

Marketing Manager

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